Jump Gates

These colossal space structures vary slightly in style and design however the primarily structure consist of 14 sections surrounding an area of space with a width of 5km and a height of 3km.

By surrounding vessel’s that pass through it with a form of stasis field that negates the effects of velocity on objects within the field the barriers than propel the vessels towards a destination gate that ‘catches’ the ship, lowers the field and releases the vessel.

The Jump Gates were originally developed by the Sadiou who have shared their methods of construction but not the theory behind the gates technology. These mysterious benefacactors have never explained their reasons for not sharing their secrets or for why they shared the jump gate technology in the first place.

Occasionally jump gates are abandoned for different reasons. Either a mechanical malfunction, or loss of the remote gate for unknown reasons. These are eventually salvaged for construction of other gates.

Jump Gate Hubs

There are a variety of places that act ass jump gate hubs floating in the expanse of dead space between solar systems. Small space stations that act as control points for a wheel of jump gates that go to a variety of destinations.

Jump gate hubs are also made possible by the Sadiou technology. The hubs are common places for mercenaries or merchant ships to commonly pass through on their way to other stations. They have become homes away from home for areas where inhabitable planets are not available.

Jump Gates

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