First Contact Initiative

As an organization which prides itself on having full and complete knowledge of the languages of the universe, we at the Guild of Voices feel it is our duty to provide the best possible introduction for those who will soon be making a contribution to our extensive database.
Our First Contact Team ensures a smooth transition for the new languages’ speakers, so that every newly cataloged language comes complete with space-travel ready translators, ready to help us meet your language acquisition needs.
Not interested in updating your Cerebraly Implanted Language Acquisition Software ? No problem! Our experts make sure that every planet is also outfitted with their own Guild Ordained Lingual Facilitators, whose CILAS can be updated with your own language1 by the time you arrive.

We at the Guild of Voices believe in bringing you, the consumer, the most extensive language database available, and the most reliable GOLFs2. Therefore it is our duty to spread the advanced technology of the cosmos to those planets who have yet to bring the dulcet tones3 of their language to your CILAS . And what better way to guarantee your satisfaction than to ensure that the first contact is through the capable hands of our agents.

Because here at the Guild of Voices, your satisfaction is our number one priority5!

1 for a nominal fee.

2 that you can afford.

3 The GOV does not guarantee any language brought to your "CILAS" will consist of dulcet tones. 4

4 except with the purchase of the new ‘Dulcet Tones’ CILAS upgrade.

5 Satisfaction only guaranteed with the proper following of GOV instructions and regulations. The GOV reserves the right to determine customer satisfaction levels.

First Contact Initiative

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