The Aeiou, from the earliest points in their recorded history, have always had problems with overpopulation. The average Aeiou birth usually consists of at least triplets or quadruplets, and early killers such as illness and disease are uncommon among the Aeiou people.
Due to the constant presence of overpopulation, the earliest technological advances in Aeiou technology were aimed towards housing and food production. As a result, the Aeiou developed anti-gravity technology very early in their technological boom, and have worked since then to keep this technology on the cutting edge. Because of this, anti-grav tech is a part of daily life for almost every Aeiou citizen, used in a wide variety of applications.


Anti-grav tech is widely used in housing, this being the original purpose that it was designed for. As a result, there are many variations on how anti-grav is used in housing situations, such as unnaturally tall high-rises, supported with anti-grav, floors accessible through grav-lifts, or beautiful floating cities and gardens.

Disaster Prevention

Another contributing cause to the high Aeiou population is the low disaster-related death-rate due to anti-grav technology. Almost every building of Aeiou construction contains self-deploying anti-grav plates built into the exterior of the building. When a disaster, such as a fire or an earthquake registers on a buildings sensors, the plates detach and deploy in a dome formation around the building, nullifying the gravity in and around the building. This has the effect of extinguishing any fires within the dome due to lack of convection, and makes the inside of buildings the safest place to be during an earthquake.

Space Travel

The Aeiou ventured into space relatively early in their history, due to the ease that anti-grav technology afforded them for developing “space-elevators” for high-altitude launches. However, they did encounter some early disasters when, upon landing crews on distant moons and planets, they realized that their ships did not have powerful enough thrusters or anti-grav engines to escape the atmospheres of these planets without the assistance of the space-elevators of their homeworld. These initial mistakes were soon rectified, however, and soon many Aeiou were leaving the overcrowded homeworld and constructing massive space-stations and terraforming new worlds for habitation. At last, the Aeiou had found more space than they could fill.

Physical Description

It is perhaps as a result of the constant overpopulation that the Aeiou have evolved as a very small people, at adulthood not usually exceeding a height of 3’5". They are generally very slight in build, with pale, cream colored skin, and white or light pastel hair colors. Proportionately they are very similar to humans, just at a smaller scale, although they have somewhat longer arms (reaching just past their knees when hanging down), with two elbows on each arm, and three dexterous fingers and a thumb on each hand. Their facial features resemble what humans would call “elf-like” in appearance.


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