Tokalevuna Abductions

Throughout the known galaxy there are a number of abductions and kidnappings, for a variety of different reasons. One known reason however are the small number of Tokalevuna ‘Mad scientists’.

These insane genetic researchers are searching for a way, any way, to restore their race to it’s previous glory or at least stabilize their gene pool somehow. After they discovered their own genetic make up had become unpredictable and unreliable they turned to other races. Two races in particular have shown a high level of compatibility with their own. Humans and Z’tyr.

The Tokalevuna Government obviously shuns these individuals however it is a frightening thing when one of them is captured and their labs busted.

The Tokalevuna Government has official dealings with humans and Z’tyr about voluntary programs with pay for their assistance however Tokalevuna genetics are so diverse that individuals from either species could carry unique traits that stabilize different sections of the population. Thus the kidnappings still happen as these individuals search for cures for specifics strains of mutation.

Tokalevuna Abductions

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