The Good Moon

‘The Good Moon’1, as it is called, is one of two moons of the planet Endr’ksoctor. It is considered one of the greatest tourist destinations in the galaxy, and known in certain circles as the best place to go to if one is looking for a great time.

While it is often quite crowded, and those who have stakes in such things have considered limiting the number of visitors it has each year, The Good Moon of Endr’ksoctor boasts a comfortably tropical climate year round, incredible amenities, and some of the finest foods and alcoholic beverages in the known universe. The Good Moon is a paradise.

The climate of The Good Moon, while generally considered ‘tropical’, is actually comfortable to any species. Due to a slight irregular gravitational pull from nearby heavenly bodies, the weather patterns of TGM vary slightly wherever one wanders. Due to some strange effect in the atmosphere, heat and weather patterns seem to follow visitors to the planet, based on their chemical make-up and own body temperature; in effect, anyone who visits TGM will soon find that the temperature there is quite comfortable.

Living space on TGM is limited, but numerous, giant, spongy mushrooms which grow on the surface of the moon provide cloud-like sleeping comfort. These mushrooms also produce a sweet smelling pollen, which slowly induces sleep when those near it are in need of rest. The mushrooms live off of the pleasantness of a restful night’s sleep, and always leave the sleeper feeling fully rested. The Dreams induced by these spores are always of the finest quality. While one might fear the want to stay these mushrooms and in a dream state forever, the mushrooms only produce spores for sleepy people, and will not induce sleep in those who have just experienced them.

Food and drink on TGM are of the highest quality. Trees, bearing fruit which is always the finest tasting, regardless of the individuals’ personal tastes or moods, are always heavy with fruit, which grows almost immediately after it is picked. This fruit rots quickly after it is picked, but, if eaten directly after, gives the eater a full meal’s worth of nutrients. These trees grow everywhere, and have a pleasing aroma, which changes from hour to hour, but is always pleasant.

There are four springs on TGM which provide the water for the entire moon. All four of them provide full hydration to the drinker. The first, which is a soft blue, provides happiness to the drinker. The second water, which is a sunny yellow, allows one to become inebriated, without any hangover effects when one becomes sober. The third water, a pale mauve, sobers one up gently, negating any ill effects from drink. We do not drink the fourth water.

The fauna on TGM is generally helpful and friendly. Notable among its occupants is a parrot-like creature, one of which comes to each visitor upon their arrive to TGM with a flower necklace to lay over their heads. These speaking birds, which quickly learn the visitor’s native tongue, are able to speak, and eager to provide the visitor with any amenities or useful advice they require for the entirety of their stay. No one knows why this occurs, as no one trained these flying creatures to do so, but they seem quite happy to provide assistance, and can become somewhat despondent if not allowed to be of assistance.

While partying and vacations are rampant on TGM, those who wish a quiet moment are easily able to find it on its many tropical beaches, with the help of their parrot-like friends. While stays are often lengthy on TGM, it can be expensive to cross the Endr’ksoctan border from the planet, and it is not permitted for those who wish to visit the moon to dock from space.

1 Also known as ‘The Party Moon’ or ‘Girls Gone Moon’

The Good Moon

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