Ruhn (roon)


The Ruhn (or Enlightened) Z’tyr first came into being after the Great Schism divided the Z’tyr people, 20 years after the star visitors first came to Z’tyra.

The Kenyn and Ruhn Z’tyr have been locked in a centuries long battle, waged in neutral territory. Breaks from this battle occur only for religious ceremonies, and once every 50 years or so, for the 10 years of rebuilding. (current time is the second year of rebuilding).

When the visitors came from the stars to enlighten the Z’tyr, the Ruhn embraced their new technologies and ways of life. Given that the ancient Ayosov text were taken by the Kenyn when they left over the mountains, much of their original culture was lost over the centuries.

The Ruhn do not dwell on this loss, however, having kept to the remembered Maxim of Knowledge above all else. Their cities were built all over Z’tyra, their largest, Ruha’ai, sitting in the center of the great blue Asowahk forest.


Ruhn culture is something which is hard to define. While a predominate love of knowledge gaining colours their worldview, they have adapted many other space-fairing species’ ways into their own lives. Their clothing trends, for example, tend to swing towards whatever is popular in that end of the galaxy, and, although they are not known for being particularly gifted in clothing design, Z’tyr in the galaxy have come to be known for being well dressed.
Currently, fashion in the Ruhn society these days is all about the /un/natural. Clothing is of synthetic fibers, garishly colored, in neons and flourescents. Styles are asymetrical, hair often shaved on one side, and worn in long, intricate up-styles on the other; all but the poorest of citizens will be seen with gravity defying half-dos covered in styling product. Wigs are rare, and considered unfashionable.
Styles for men and women are very similar. Make-up is worn by both genders, though in slightly different ways for men and women; Women’s make-up is worn mainly on their eyelids and lower cheeks, while men’s is under the eyes and along the nose. Make-up tends toward bright reds and oranges, though some browns, blacks and dark yellows have been making a come-back this season. Ruhn Z’tyr tend to show attraction through intense focus on faces, which either resulted in this facial differentiation, or was as a result of it; if a Ruhn Z’tyr keeps following your face with his own, he likes you.
This tendancy towards the unnatural extends to their architechture and decorations as well. Any time a Ruhn House or building can be made to seem impossibly situated, it will be. They attempt to make any decoration seem fabricated, if at all possible.
Ruhn Z’tyr do have several alcohol and mind-altering substance contributions that they have made over the years. They are credited with the creation of the Prae’ah liqueur, which, when mixed with anything either fizzy or fruity, sparkles like fireworks. Prae’ah also induces drunkeness slowly, but also does the same with the resulting hangover, sometimes resulting in day-long, incurable hangovers, when drunk in large enough quantities.

More to come…

Ruhn (roon)

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