Omnicorp is a military arms supplier for human investors. Sol government officials are encouraged to purchase from Omnicorp by it’s financial backers.

Omnicorp was the first military group to experiment with Human Augmentation. After first encountering hostile alien animal species it was decided that humans who would be fighting in these environments needed ‘improvements’.

From mechanical, bio-mechanical, and genetic augmentations were developed and have been continued to be deployed by this large military firm.

Omnicorp has a standing fleet which is employed by other companies or the government for various tasks that require a firm hand and no negotiations. Dispatching of terrorist cells, purging hostile alien species, destruction of pirate raider ships are some of the tasks that are handed to Omnicorp.

Omnicorp is no stranger to rumours however. There is talk of extreme human experimentation or slaughters from when omnicorp is deployed among civilian populations.


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