First ‘Company Family’ appears. Wal-Mart sheltered and fed thousands of employees across the world during the 2020’s economic collapse and those families now identify themselves with the wal-mart brand. Wal-mart has transformed during the past 5 years of stability into a technology innovator and investor.

They now provide goods of various kind to people across the world. These goods are now designed for performance and durability representing a new age of thinking. Those previous employees now no longer rely on government health care aid. Instead an infrastructure of aid and care for those families has now evolved into an internal economy.

Wal-Mart obtains diplomatic status with half a dozen countries creating their HQ’s as safe grounds for those that choose to identify with Wal-Mart brand.

The population of ‘Wal-Mart’ that is able to move freely between these embassies. The population of Wal-Mart goes from 3000 to 12,000 in the first year once this program has been launched. Over half of these members are part of displaced populations from the 2020’s.

In the year 2040 Wal-Mart undergoes a name and ideology change. Their focus is to provide the majority of quality home usable goods along with essential supplies for survival both on the ground, under water, and in space world wide. The new name they took is Libertas to celebrate their new population of 100,000.

From that point until the present Libertas continues to expand it’s influence and population. At the current time Libertas has a corporate population of 1.2 Billion humans, having the second largest corporate population based on earth. A large part of colonization of nearby systems has been thanks to Libertas’ aggressive space based lobbying with what eventually becomes the Sol Government and the other Super Corporations.


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