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History of Space Travel
History of Earth
Current Events

Space Exploration Timeline
2015 – Space travel has become fully privatized by a company with resources in 7 major countries.

2028 – Space Elevator Construction Begins.

2030 – Space Elevator Construction complete. Pytheas Construction begins.

2031 – First manned mars Mission complete aboard the Pytheas.

2032 – Mars relay established. A cost effective method of shipping materials back and forth between the Mars colony and earth enables use of high concentration mineral deposits discovered below the surface of mars.

2035 – Highly refined alloys made from metals on mars and the moon. Alloys enable larger space faring vessels to be constructed and exterior surfaces that are highly resistant to radiation. Theories about intergalactic travel are discussed.

2038 – Pytheas refit complete using new Alloys, and the impulse drive. Crew assembled, signs on for manned exploration for rest of solar system going outwards.

2039 – Pytheas departs from mars for jupiter.

2040 – Pytheas has reached jupiter. Old probes gathered and scavenged. New probe array for Jupiter in place. Pytheas departs in earth time august for Saturn. Pytheas disappears en route to Saturn. Pytheas investigation continues for 25 years before main staff are disassembled leaving a skeleton crew of researchers.

2042 – Impulse drive ready for implementation enabling travel between planets in a matter of days rather than months.

2050 – Exploration out to pluto complete aboard 5 primary vessels researching and aquiring materials through Sol Solar System. Pluto Orbital Inter stellar Launch research lab construction begins.

2053 – POISL Lab construction complete. Research and construction of the ‘Sol I’ Inter stellar craft begins. FTL ‘shunt’ drive completed.

2075 – ‘Sol I’ craft construction complete. Un-manned drones have been launched in the mean time and successfully returned.

2082 – ‘Sol I’ craft launched. FTL drive successfully launches Sol into out ring of neighboring galaxy. Contact with Alien Organization ‘Guild of Voices’ occurs.

2083 – Guild of voices transporting the crew of Sol I and their vessel returns to the Sol Solar System. Upon arrival at earth Guild begins negotiations with earth corporations for reliable Inter stellar, contact with other alien races and space travel knowledge for natural resources and contract rights to translation for their planet and the other races.

2085 – Sol Jump Gate construction by the Guild of Voices complete. Link to the Galactic jump gate array achieved.

2100 – Humanity has established contact with the mercantile network of the other races. Exists in a cluster of unclaimed systems.

2110 – First human constructed Jump Gate Completed by space exploration corporation.

Human Economic Timeline
- World is in a state of slowly recovering stability. Clean energy is being developed across the world. Still small conflicts in third world countries fueling the needs of the first world. President Obama brings slow reform to the US.

- China begins to enter into small conflicts in third world countries. Peaceful negotiations occur dividing resources in some of these countries. Whole populations displaced, rioting begins.

- Third world rioting continues. Displaced populations cause widespread strife and conflict. Green energy sources only account for 22% of the worlds energy needs. Oil use reaches record highs.

- Oil is no longer able to be obtained at the rate at which it is consumed. Chinese military occupies several third world countries, displacing more nations.
- Displaced populations from africa and western asia move north and west towards europe.
- Pump prices sky rocket, first oil pirates instances occur.

- EU places orders for displaced populations to stop or suffer military action.
- Oil is no longer available at the pump. Only military controlled installations make gas available for purchase. This causes wide spread lack of oil due to prices continuing to climb. North American is having instances of goods no longer being able to be provided to populations. Food market is crashing.

- Third World Massacre occurs in Turkey. Displaced populations scatter, deaths in the hundreds of thousands.
- North american populations are decentralizing, deaths above ten thousand occur across the continent in the confusion.

- ExxonMobil Oil Scandal revealed. Large stock piles are discovered around the globe being hoarded by this global corporation.
- North american and European governments take unprecedented action and attempt seize these holdings within days of them being discovered.
- Fighting lasts for days between governments and privately funded military organizations controlled by ExxonMobil. List of families and locations worldwide of privately funded military is discovered by anonymous. They stand down at the threat of exposing this list. Assets seized and distributed.
- ExxonMobil board of directors and majority of staff worldwide arrested and detained.

- Relief aid spreads. Oil is not available for consumer purchase but is instead used to provide good and services to populations in north america and europe by emergency crews.

- Global economy on slow recovery. Green energies have increased since 2017 now accounting for 30% of the worlds energy needs showing a growing trend. Plans to have 50% of worlds energy needs covered from sustainable sources by 2025.
- European Union creates refuge zones from Chinese Military displacement from Syria to Georgia.

- Chinese communist party overthrown in military and social revolution. Replaced with Social Democracy party initially put in place by revolutionists but with elections to be held with in 5 years with no representatives from the revolutionary group being able to run for candidacy in office.
- 48.7% of worlds energy needs covered from sustainable sources. Additional nations commit resources to this concept. Infrastructure has been put in place to feed both north america, European and displaced populations.

- United nations begins heavy re-structuring. Global economy stabilized.
- Chinese military pulls back from some controlled zones allowed displace populations to return home.

- Space initiative receives heavy backing by United Nations

- Resources from mars solves energy problems. Able to finish production of green energy infrastructure that enables nearly 80% of earths energy to be sustainable.
- Previous companies with large investments in oil have after selling their stock holds during the desperate times of the 2020’s invested in new avenues.
- First ‘Company Family’ appears. Wal-Mart sheltered and fed thousands of employees across the world during the 2020’s and those families now identify themselves with the wal-mart brand. Wal-mart has transformed during the past 5 years of stability into a technology innovator and investor. See Wal-Mart for details on the evolution of this company.

- Corporate Identity is legalized world wide. Over a dozen Major Corporations offer ‘Family Benefits’.
- 30% of the population is making use of corporate Identity. Country lines have become blurred.

- New martian metals enable the building of super cities. They are sprawling, self-sufficient environments. Construction for three Super Cities begins. One in the US, one in the UK and one in Australia.
- Martian permanent colony complete. Population: 3,000

- Multiple Moon Colonies complete. Population: 200,000

- First armed conflicts between corporation entities occurs on a large scale for control of solar farms in Northern Africa. Started with a trade deal went sour and one side rescinded on a agreed term of the contract about rates.

- 10% of Humankind is now living in Super Cities.
- 5% is living in Colonies on the moon, Mars, and in Orbit around 3 other planets.
- Current Human Population: 10 Billion.

- Alien contact.

- Major Corporations are now able to enter the trade race with over two dozen different alien species.


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