Current Events

Social and Economic:
Humanity has reached a point of complete corporate identity. All business and facilities that are not directly owned by the Sol Government Foundation are owned by one of the various large companies that dominate the human economy.

People still have individual identities and pursuits however the majority of humanity can tell you the company they belong to and details about it as easily as their family name or history.

There are freedom of thought cells that believe that corporate humanity is destroying it’s sense of moral fiber and seek to life a free and independent life. These independents have found ways to live free, both in their home system and by travelling abroad.

Humanity has quickly caught up to the galactic standards in the hundred years or so since contact was first established. They are experimenting with their own jump gate construction, no small undertaking, and have sent scientists and students to study and work in the galaxy on major projects where they will be accepted.

One such project is the Accelerator project which seeks to accelerate small vessels at FTL speeds without the usual destruction that is associated with those ventures. Humanity has been investing materials and supplying students and labor for this joint project between <wal-mart> and an Aeioun Military investor.

Current Events

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